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Ottawa Dev Day - May 30, 2015

It's official - Ottawa Dev Day is confirmed for May 30, 2015.

Call for Speakers

We are looking for development speakers with an itch to show what you got! You have a panache for showing something with Visual Studio? Want to show off something you learned? A cool trick, a hack or just something you KNOW people could use? Then you are OUR kind of people! If you can talk for an hour on your idea, PLEASE submit a session. If you don’t have ALL the details, don’t worry too much, we can work together to hone it. If you DO have all the details, FANTASTIC! Add them all in!

The instructions for signing up are simple (thODD2015e short and looooong versions below, don’t worry the long version is only 5 steps, it’s quick and painless).

Also, if you KNOW of any dev STARS in your company, please forward this onto them. We’re looking up’n’coming stars are are looking to share their knowledge with their fellow devs in the Ottawa area!

Deadline for submissions is March 15th.

May 2015 - date to be confirmed

We're back!
There will be a seventh annual Ottawa Dev Day this year at Algonquin College. Check back in January 2015 for the confirmed date.

We are looking for sponsors and volunteers, so if you know of either one, contact us.

VP Sponsorships:Charles Wiebe
VP Speakers:Peter Henry
VP Facilities:John Marshall
VP at large:Joel Hebert

Check out our tweets page.

Ottawa Dev Day


We’re BACK! Bigger, Badder and Better! Ottawa IT Day 2013 was our last kick at the can, we took a year off, and this year we’re back! We’re back with new energy, a new name and logo, AND a renewed enthusiasm! Announcing Ottawa Dev Day 2015 Ottawa Dev Day 2015!

We are gearing up for our 7th year! The tentative date is May 23rd, and Algonquin College is again playing host.  We’re sending out a call NOW for speakers! This means YOU!
Ottawa Dev Day is a local one day conference BY local devs, FOR local devs, so I have to say preference will goto local developers, BUT, the more interesting your session, the higher your marks can be, and the highest marks win out for getting picked! So please, if you’re interested, submit a session to present! We would love to have you!

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