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Top TEN Reasons to come to OttDevDay 2015!

Are you still on the fence about coming to Ottawa Dev Day 2015 THIS Saturday? Well, HERE is what I hope is a great Top Ten list to help push you over the edge and click on the register button. Although the weather has been beautiful this week, Saturday's weather is NOT looking so good. So, IF you are going to be spending the day inside anyways, why not spend it learning new and exciting tech stuff?

1. For your registration fee, you do get a cap, coffee, home-baked goods AND lunch.
2. You get to meet, talk to and even ask really TOUGH development and technical questions to TEN Microsoft Most Valued Professionals MVPs and TWO Microsoft Technical Evangelists.
-> What better way than to get help than from the experts?
3. What other conference have you ever been to where there is NO marketing, NO Sales, NO pitches, NOOOO fluff? Protein Matters (gotta include vegans too!)
4. Where else are you going to be able to network with other local Ottawa, Gatineau area developers and bounce ideas off of? Sure Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even blogs are a great source of info, but nothing beats talking to live living people!!!
6. There are going to be three, yes, 3....THREE Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phones - yes - they are the ones you can upgrade to Windows 10 for phones that are in the draw.
7. You will get to bounce ideas off of MVPs who are EXPERTS in Agile, Windows XAML development, unit testing, user expériences, Cloud, Azure, Xamarin, mobile development and making money.
8. Parking is free, lots 8-red and 9-green
9. You will have lasting contacts after networking with all the presenters. Think of it - you have a problem, you now know who to tweet, and even better, they know YOU.
10. YOU get to participate in one of two panel discussions where the MVPs get to duke it out in a lively debate.
11. And just for good measure, how often do you get to hang out with cool geeks, like Peter Henry?:-)
There you have it - TEN GREAT reasons to come to Ottawa Dev Day 2015 THIS Saturday at Algonquin College -
Register NOW and avoid the processing lines at the conference and spend it networking and talking dev. See you there on Saturday.



We're almost there! The BIG day is almost upon us! Have YOU registered! Take advantage of registering and don't get caught in line Saturday morning! Your time can be better spent grabbing a coffee and chatting with other conference goers and speakers solving YOUR real world problems!


Last Minute Session Tweak

Tonight I was informed Colin Melia is bringing a more DYNAMIC and interesting session of Introductions to building Internet of Things Gadgets! Sounds really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!


Four Days To Go! Did You Register Yet?

There are FOUR days left until THE BIG DAY! Sat May 30th, 2015 is THE day 10 MVPs and two Microsoft employees are going to WOW you with 16 presentations on Azure, mobile AND Windows 10 development! As a BONUS there are also TWO panel discussions!

For the small registration fee of $25, you will get refreshments (coffee and lunch), ALL DAY ACCESS to 10 Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVPs) and two Microsoft employees! These guys WANT to hear your question, they WANT you to ask them, they WANT your problems to which they'll hopefully give you some answers (or at least things you can try to use to solve).

To register, please visit the Registration page (


Have YOU Registered Yet?

Have you reserved your spot for the best Developer Conference in the Ottawa\Gatineau area this year!

Check out our Registration page to make sure YOUR spot is reserved to participate in four stellar tracks, choosing from 16 sessions, watching 10 Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVPs) and two Microsoft employees! 

Click the link and we'll see you there!


Can't Goto Microsoft Build 2015? Try OttDevDay!

Couldn't make it out to San Fransisco for #Build2015? That's ok! Come to Ottawa Dev Day, Saturday May 30th and get the next best thing!

Registration =


Registration is open

Speakers, Sessions and Schedule are now posted. Now it's your turn to register for Ottawa Dev Day 2015.


Sessions Picked, NOW the Hard Work Begins

I just sent out a very difficult email to 19 potential speakers who wanted to speak at Ottawa Dev Day! Some people will read that email with excitement, and some.....with disappointment. I had a hard time "taking the hockey stick" to some sessions and having to be the bearer of bad news to some good friends. However, given several factors, we have an obligation to our conference attendees, sponsors and even the speakers, to deliver the BEST technical developer conference we can! I believe we have achieved a great threshold for everyone and YOU, the attendees will get your moneys worth! So please, check out the Agenda page, then head on over to the Registration page and I hope to see you Sat May 30th!


Now for the hard task

Yesterday, April 12, was the session submission deadline. Today, well, actually tonight, I have the very challenging task of picking the final cut for sessions we're going to deliver to our @OttDevDay attendees Sat May 30th at Algonquin College!

Picking the sessions is a hard job. Why? Because the people who submitted sessions put in a lot of effort to enter in their information, to be creative about their details and they put in some sweat'n'tears to get it done. And not everyone gets picked. I dislike that part of the conference, BUT I'm hoping that the conference attendees, sponsors and even the speakers will be happy with the final agenda. I hope to release it tomorrow night.

Speaker Callout Deadline April 12, 2015

Calling all Ottawa\Gatineau speakers! We're interested in hearing from YOU! Are you interested in showing some tech chops? You want to get up to the front of the class and help like-minded geeks in your region learn something COOL you figure out?! Why not get a one hour session together and submit to Ottawa Dev Day!

If you're looking for more details on submitting your session, check out this blog for more details.

We Have a Date! May 30th, 2015!

We have a date! We're gearing up for another fantastic year everyone! Book Saturday May 30th at Algonquin College, Building T for a FANTASTIC day of training, learning, networking, and of course having a few laughs certainly helps make the day go quicker!

Call for Speakers

We are looking for development speakers with an itch to show what you got! You have a panache for showing something with Visual Studio? Want to show off something you learned? A cool trick, a hack or just something you KNOW people could use? Then you are OUR kind of people! If you can talk for an hour on your idea, PLEASE submit a session. If you don’t have ALL the details, don’t worry too much, we can work together to hone it. If you DO have all the details, FANTASTIC! Add them all in!

The instructions for signing up are simple (thODD2015e short and looooong versions below, don’t worry the long version is only 5 steps, it’s quick and painless).

Also, if you KNOW of any dev STARS in your company, please forward this onto them. We’re looking up’n’coming stars are are looking to share their knowledge with their fellow devs in the Ottawa area!

Deadline for submissions is March 15th.

May 2015 - date to be confirmed

We're back!
There will be a seventh annual Ottawa Dev Day this year at Algonquin College. Check back in January 2015 for the confirmed date.

We are looking for sponsors and volunteers, so if you know of either one, contact us.

VP Sponsorships:Charles Wiebe
VP Speakers:Peter Henry
VP Facilities:John Marshall
VP at large:Joel Hebert

Check out our tweets page.

Ottawa Dev Day


We’re BACK! Bigger, Badder and Better! Ottawa IT Day 2013 was our last kick at the can, we took a year off, and this year we’re back! We’re back with new energy, a new name and logo, AND a renewed enthusiasm! Announcing Ottawa Dev Day 2015 Ottawa Dev Day 2015!

We are gearing up for our 7th year! The tentative date is May 23rd, and Algonquin College is again playing host.  We’re sending out a call NOW for speakers! This means YOU!
Ottawa Dev Day is a local one day conference BY local devs, FOR local devs, so I have to say preference will goto local developers, BUT, the more interesting your session, the higher your marks can be, and the highest marks win out for getting picked! So please, if you’re interested, submit a session to present! We would love to have you!

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